Backup Delicious from command line

This time, I’m going to take an idea from a twitter post from Pablo Corral (@pablocorral) about how to backup a Delicious account, taken from ““.
Since in Windows we don’t have wget, the first step is to download a wget utility for Windows. There are some of them out there, but the one we need, has to support https, so I went to and downloaded it from there.

Once you download it, put it on some folder, for instance, your Windows main folder.

Next, you have to issue this command from a Command line:

wget “” –http-user=your_delicious_user
–http-passwd=your_delicious_password –no-check-certificate -O my_delicious_backup.xml

Thats it. Keep in mind that -O parameter is Capital letter O.

Hopefully, it helps!

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