NVidia latest driver and Ubuntu Kernel Updates

Yesterday I updated my Kernel to the latest shown in Update Manager, and when it reboot, I had a plan text shell screen. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, until I remembered I had the latest Nvidia drivers from Nvidia site. Also, remembered it said you have to uninstall and reinstall on each kernel update. So that is what I did.

For all of you who had the same problem, it’s just a matter of running nvidia-uninstall.sh. This way you will gain again access to you Gnome desktop. Then you can Install the drivers again, if you want. I had them on my donwloads folder. I had to kill Gnome Desktop Manager:
1) find out the Process Id (PID), running ps -A | grep gdm
2) kill
Finally from the command line install it again.
Now you have your Ubuntu kernel updated with your latest Nvidia drivers.

Problemas con Pidgin solucionados: Gtalk y MSN

Solucione algunos problemas que tenia con Pidgin:


Baje el certificado correspondiente, siguiendo las instrucciones indicadas en esta pagina.


Cuando uno tiene varias cuentas gtalk, da error cuando se usa el mismo server, entonces en cada cuenta hay que usar un server distinto, de estos posibles: