NVidia latest driver and Ubuntu Kernel Updates

Yesterday I updated my Kernel to the latest shown in Update Manager, and when it reboot, I had a plan text shell screen. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, until I remembered I had the latest Nvidia drivers from Nvidia site. Also, remembered it said you have to uninstall and reinstall on each kernel update. So that is what I did.

For all of you who had the same problem, it’s just a matter of running nvidia-uninstall.sh. This way you will gain again access to you Gnome desktop. Then you can Install the drivers again, if you want. I had them on my donwloads folder. I had to kill Gnome Desktop Manager:
1) find out the Process Id (PID), running ps -A | grep gdm
2) kill
Finally from the command line install it again.
Now you have your Ubuntu kernel updated with your latest Nvidia drivers.

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