Flickagram is an application I developed for different purposes.

First of all, there was a contest from Blackberry, were you could get a Blackberry 10 Limited Edition if you developed an application following certain rules and quality.

Besides that  I had a special interest in developing an application for Blackberry 10, and since I had experience with Flickr, I said, lets give it a try, and develop a very simple application, with a single purpose, that can be useful and can grow in the future.

So here it is, Flickagram, for Blackberry 10. You can download it from the Blackberry World.

It has been developed using Cascades. For the developers out there that does not know about it, its a layer on top of the Blackberry Native SDK, that uses QT. It’s really easy to develop for it. By the way, the programming language is C++.

So, what is Flickagram right now?

Its an application that shows you photos and lets you set one of them as a Wallpaper.

At first it shows the most interesting pictures at current time.

Flickagram - Interesting Photos
Flickagram – Interesting Photos

It also has the ability to search for pictures with certain tags, so that you can set a wallpaper with a certain theme you may like (right now, this version is in the process of approval).

Searching for the word "Tango"
Searching for the word “Tango”

If you click on any photo, you will have the option to set it as a Wallpaper.

Viewing a Photo - Set as Wallpaper
Viewing a Photo – Set as Wallpaper

As you can see, its a very simple application.

I have several plans for it, but would love to hear from you what would you like it to have first.



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